+++ We are there for you +++
All services are possible by appointment in compliance with hygiene regulations. Just arrange an appointment with us!
+++ We are there for you +++
All services are possible by appointment in compliance with hygiene regulations. Just arrange an appointment with us!

Our reviews at a glance


“I was looking for an“ honest ”car and found it at B&K in Düsseldorf. Here you go home with a good feeling. Thank you, Mr. Sebastian Berger ”

Schmelcher on January 07.01.2019th, XNUMX

"Competent and serious handling, pleasant conversation partner, prompt delivery"

Härting on January 03.01.2019rd, XNUMX

“Top service and very friendly contact. Great vehicle as described and promised, thank you very much. "

11 porsche-911-997-carrera-gts-cabrio-bk-sports-car-customer-reviews
Hofert on November 19.11.2018, XNUMX

"Very prompt response (phone call). Extremely friendly and competent. Very serious and honest behavior. "

11 porsche-987-cayman-s-coupe-bk-sports-car-customer-reviews
mobile.de user on December 18.12.2018, XNUMX

“Having the car delivered was a great service. The flexibility offered was pleasant. Very courteous contact. "

mobile.de user on December 15.09.2018, XNUMX

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"Nice and friendly advice u faier trading partner"

Reich on 05.09.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX

“Very nice management. Inspection of the car was quick and easy. We were informed in detail about the condition. "

mobile.de user on December 25.06.2018, XNUMX

"Mr. Berger is a very competent dealer with a lot of sympathy"

11 porsche-911-997-carrera-4s-coupe-fuchs-bk-sports-car-customer-reviews
Greven on June 21.06.2018, XNUMX

“Pleasant contact. Serious, friendly, took a lot of time "

mobile.de user on December 21.06.2018, XNUMX

“Very friendly, nice staff. There was extensive purchase advice. All questions were answered with a lot of time and professional competence. This dealer is highly recommended. "

Rüdiger on November 10.11.2017, XNUMX

“Nice team with what feels like an endless amount of time for the customer! This is how service works! "

11 audi-r8-v10-plus-bk-sports-car-customer reviews
mobile.de user on December 09.11.2017, XNUMX

“Very competent. Everything great. Many thanks!"

Nickel on 09.11.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX

"Very friendly phone call"

Thomas Layer on November 06.11.2017, XNUMX

“The purchase corresponded very exactly to the description of the dealer. The process went smoothly and very professionally. "

11Audi_A7_Sportback_S-line _ – _ Front view_verkaufen_ankaufen_5-star_evaluation
Andreas Schmitz on October 16.10.2017, XNUMX

“Everything was great! From the advice to the purchase everything went perfectly and we are very satisfied. "

Juliane Vogel on July 21.07.2017, XNUMX

Do you have any questions about the Sports car purchase or would you like to speak to us directly?

+49 (211) 731492-50

"Fast, obliging and nice contact - this is how buying a car should look like."

Eric DK on 20.07.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX

"Professional handling. Great advice and sales with a guarantee. From the test drive to the handover, everything went perfectly. With great pleasure again - highly recommended. "

11BMW_320_diesel_touring_M-Sport - bk-sports-car-customer-rating
Stefan Krey on July 20.07.2017, XNUMX

"Nice cars !"

Piotr Kolbusz on January 20.01.2017th, XNUMX

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