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Financing & leasing

We would be happy to design the right one together Car financing

It does not always make sense to tie up your capital in the long term by purchasing a vehicle. Together with you, we will determine the right one Car financingthat is individually tailored to you.

On request, we can offer you a convincing leasing offer

An attractive one Leasing offer often offers a sensible alternative to buying it now. In line with your liquidity planning, your capital is not tied up in the vehicle. You only have to bear a low monthly burden.

We will help you choose a sensible insurance policy

Our Kooperations with some big ones Insurance enable us to offer you the right protection for your new automobile. So your driving pleasure is also secured in the long term.

Welcome to our financing & leasing offers

The B&K Sportwagen Rheinland GmbH not only stands for the sale of first-class sports cars and luxury used cars.

If you would like financing or vehicle leasing, we offer you offers from our renowned financial partners.

If you need insurance for your new vehicle, we can also help.

We support both corporate and private customers in the design of their vehicle fleets. We would be happy to work with you to create the right offer for you.

Of course, our calculation is made for you individually, promptly and without obligation.

At your request, we will take care of the processing with our financial partners. You hire us, we do the rest for you.


Financing offers from B&K Sportwagen Rheinland GmbH:

We will make you the right financing offer for you. Among other things, we take into account the term, monthly installments and offer you a low APR.

The leasing offers of B&K Sportwagen Rheinland GmbH:

Together we will find a suitable leasing concept for you. We are happy to offer you small monthly payments and a purchase option at the end of the term. If you lease your car as a company vehicle, you can usually deduct the costs as operating costs from tax.

Insurance offers from B&K Sportwagen Rheinland GmbH:

At your request, we will add ours Financing and leasing offers to find a suitable one Insurance for your new car. So your driving pleasure is also secured in the long term.  

Let us know your wishes in a personal conversation:

You can reach us during our service hours on weekdays between 08 a.m. and 00 p.m.

Appointments can of course also be made outside of our normal business hours on request, preferably in the evenings and all day on weekends.

Write to us by email info@bk-sportwagen.de.

We can be reached by phone at: +49 (211) 731492-81.

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Suitable used vehicles for your financing or company leasing

Our trained staff will design your offer so that you will only receive suggestions from us that fit your personal liquidity planning.

We would be happy to support you on your way to your personal dream car. Together we will find suitable solutions.

Have a look at our current Used car offer around. A sports car or used car that fits your financial planning may already be waiting here.

Our strong financial partners

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With the right financing, you are always on the right track.

Financing or leasing: together we will find the right offer for you.

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Any questions? We are glad to be here for you!

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